Top 5 Best budget laptops

Top 5 Best budget laptops

Confused to buy a laptop that will be best laptop for you or you are a parent and want to gift your child a great laptop.

But, confused which one to choose from.

Here is our top 5 best budget laptops.

Which are best laptop for students too who want a best budget laptop for student

This guide of best laptops includes the latest models from different brands.

This laptops has the combination of great performance, great display, best build quality and good design at a budget.

So, the first laptop in our list of the best budget laptops is the Asus v3.

Acer aspire v 3

The acer aspire v3 looks like the apple macbook air. but, it is a Windows machine from inside.

This 14-inch laptop is best laptop for students and anyone who want a lightweight and compact laptop without spending a lot of money.

Best budget laptops

This Acer aspire v3 laptop is powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 processor of 7 generations.

It doesn’t come with the latest generation processor it is having a graphics of Intel HD graphics. This laptop provides average performance for gaming.

This acer aspire v3 laptop comes with a ram variant of 8 GB of ddr2 and an SSD storage of 256 GB which is the best thing for this laptop.

The 14 inch of Full HD resolution display is amazing and it comes with an adequate number of ports.

This acer aspire v3 laptop has a 720p HD webcam and this laptop weighs around 1.6 kg.

This budget laptop has a powerful performance, stellar battery life and plenty of ports.

But, it has got boring looks and down firing speakers which cost you around $500 and above.

The next laptop in our list of the best budget laptops is the Lenovo ideapad 330.

Lenovo ideapad 330

The Lenovo IdeaPad 330 has a classy design solid build, crispy non glossy display and adequate battery life.

This budget lapto is a perfect combination of performance and reliability that comes at an affordable cost.

Best budget laptops

This lenovo ideapad laptop is powered by Intel Core i3 and 8 generation processor with a RAM of 6 GB type DDR4.

In this laptop the storage is provided in terms of hard disk which is of one terabyte with a 5400 rpm.

This budget laptop has 15.6 inch huge display with full HD resolution gives you an immersive display experience.

The interpreted graphics gives average performance while gaming and this budget laptop comes with adequate ports.

You should surely have a look on this laptop for its great performance and amazing build quality.

This laptop comes at a price range of $500 and above 35,000 Indian rupees and is also a best laptop for students.

Microsoft is showing everyone that the Windows laptops can be affordable and so Microsoft has launched the Microsoft surface go.

The next laptop in our list of the best budget laptops is the Microsoft surface go.

Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go which is a gorgeous laptop that brings you an excellent Windows 10 experience in a 10 inch tablet.

Top 5 Best budget laptops

This Microsoft Surface go is powered by Intel Pentium gold 4415 processor.

which is a good performer, Coming with the graphics of Intel HD graphics six and five which gives average graphic performance.

The RAM is 8 GB and the internal storage is 128gb which makes this device faster.

The USP of this device is its 10-inch pixel touch display which gives you an immersive display experience.

There is a 5mp front-facing camera and 8mp of rear camera that is the best thing in this laptop.

you must have a look at this laptop for its excellent design and light weight.

Surprisingly, strong graphics and fantastic display and speakers.

This budget laptop will not disappoint you for aprice of $400 and 30,000 Indian rupees.

So the laptop which makes its entry in our list of the best budget laptops is the Acer aspire 5.

Acer aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is the best mid-range laptop that takes pretty much all the load you would want for a day-to-day laptop.

Acer aspire 5

This acer aspire 5 performs well and handles most of the tasks well.

This budget laptop is media fine and has a very good battery life.

Acer Aspire 5 comes with the 8 generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor coupled with 8gb of RAM which is expandable up to 16 GB.

This laptop comes with an SSD option of 256 GB and additional one terabyte of storage.

The display is a USP of this device. The huge 15.6 inch display with full HD plus resolution gives a great display experience.

The basic model of this aptop comes with an intel USD 620 graphics card.

If you need higher graphics performance then you have to pay more money and buy higher version this laptop.

This is one of the best budget laptops that you must look into.

The only drawback of this acer aspire 5 laptop is there is no Thunderbolt 3 and there is a blotware problem.

There is a lack of discrete graphics. This laptop will cost you around $500 and above 40,000 Indian rupees.

This acer aspire 5 laptop is surely will be best laptop for students.

The next laptop in our list of the best budget laptops is the Asus vivo book s14.

Asus vivobook s14

Asus Vivo book s14 the recently launched vivo book s14 is just amazing.

This laptop offers great looks and amazing performance at a budget price.

Bedt budget laptop

This vivobook just looks amazing and comes with a very unique features like screen pad 2.0.

The asus vivo book s14 is powered by Intel Core i5 and i7 processor of 8 generation and comes with an Nvidia graphics of geforce MX150 that gives incredible graphics performance.

This laptop has a 8 GB of RAM which can be expandable up to 16 GB and 256 GB of SSD storage plus one terabyte of hard drive.

This laptop has a battery of 42 wire Tower that can last up to four to six hours.

You should look at this laptop for its great performance, thin and lightweight body, surprisingly good audio quality.

The only disappointment is its with the build quality.

The asus vivo book s14 comes with a very cheap plastic that feels awkward other than that this laptop is a great performer.

This laptop will be best for casual users and will be best laptop for students.

This laptop is available for a price of $500 and above and 40,000 Indian rupees.

So, these were our recommendations for the best laptops for students and casual users to buy in 2020.

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