MSI GL65 REVIEW 2020 – A Gaming laptop so Good!

This is the MSI GL65 Review. The MSI GL65 is the perfect laptop for gamers who are on a budget.

While some gaming laptops tend to pile on features MSI has been smart and has picked only the most essential features for the MSI GL65 gaming laptop.

The laptops amazing performance is due to the processor at the heart of this machine the MSI GL65 boasts the latest ninth generation processor.

The intel core i7 9750 processor built for power users and gamers. 

The MSI GL65 will run any game you throw at it very easily. Let’s talk design of the MSI GL65 

MSI GL65 Design

The overall design of the laptop is minimalistic.

The MSI GL65 is quite light despite its size manages to pack incredible values.

The keyboard is designed by SteelSeries which allows for perky RGB configuration this is great for RGB enthusiasts.

Who want complete control over their customization.

If you look carefully you’ll notice the bezels on this display are ultra-thin.

The large display along with the thin bezels provide a really immersive gaming experience.


The MSI GL65 is a beast of laptops running a ninth generation Intel i7 975 0 H processor as the heart of the machine.

Combining the Intel i7 9th gen processor with the gtx 1660 TI and you have a great gaming machine that runs most triple-a titles.

But, the most significant feature for this laptop is the thermals.

 The MSI GL65 packs a lot of value with the cooler boost 5 thermal system that maximizes airflow through the large vents at the bottom and on the sides.

With a total of 7 heat pipes to ensure your Intel i7 gives you maximum performance under extreme gaming.

So, your i7 performs like a featherweight endurance athlete over long sessions of gaming and streaming.


Simultaneously, compared to previous models the MSI GL65 boasts a louder set of speakers.

Games come alive with the world-class DYNAUDIO sound system.

This sound system users can tweak their sound settings with a simple and intuitive UI of the sound engine the NAHIMIC 3. 

In addition to this the msi dragon center enables the user to monitor and optimize performance through various customizations and freeing system memories to prioritize in-game performance.

All-in-all the is an extremely solid sound good-looking gaming laptop that gets the important things done.


The Intel Core i7 processor will power you through intense long hours of gaming on a display that’s large and immersive.

While delivering enhanced thermal performance with the cooler booster 5 software.

All this and the incredibly large speakers make this a great buy at an extremely competitive price point.

I would definitely recommend checking out the MSI GL65 laptop if you are here to buy a gaming laptop.

I hope this review gives you all the information you need to select your MSI gaming machine this is rolling in for the and happy gaming take care. 

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