Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review – A Solid Starter with Limits

At the point when Microsoft announced the new Surface Laptop Go, a less expensive, littler rendition of its phenomenal Surface Laptop, I considered how the company would pull it off. 

All things considered, I’ve said that a really incredible spending PC is something of a PC sacred goal – truly significant yet in addition probably as elusive. 

Workstations around the $500 mark need to settle on intense choices and bargain on plan, materials, execution or highlights, doing great in one region, however ineffectively in others. 

In any event, looking for a budget laptop has gotten progressively troublesome in 2020, as telecommuters and understudies rapidly grab up any half-nice spending workstations, keep many out from stock. 

The Surface Laptop Go begins at $550 (£549, AU$999) and has a 12.4-inch touchscreen show, tenth gen Intel Core i5 CPU, a generally excellent console and touchpad and both USB-An and USB-C ports. 

At just shy of 2.8 pounds (1.2kg), it’s light and compact, which would be extraordinary in the event that anybody planned to class or work face to face at this moment.

We will see more of this in this Microsoft Surface Laptops Go Review 2020. But, first let us start this Surface Laptop Go Review with the specification of this new laptop.

Surface Laptop Go Specifications:- 

  • Price: $899 (starts at $549)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU
  • GPU: UHD graphics
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 12.4-inch, 1536 x 1024-pixel
  • Battery: 7:42
  • Size: 11 x 8.1 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds

Here’s a Helpful video by Engadget:-

Price & Availability of the Laptop:- 

The Surface Laptop Go we evaluated here will interfere with you at $549 (£509, AU$839, AED 2,399), and it’s the best quality form of the tablet offered by Microsoft. 

Then, you can get the Surface laptop Pro for as meager as $399 (£379, AU$599, AED 1,699), with 64GB of eMMC stockpiling and 4GB of memory, with the remainder of the specs continuing as before. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Price & Availability

Annoyingly, Microsoft keeps on selling the tablet’s everything except basic embellishments independently. 

Also, The Surface Pen goes for $99 (£99, AU$139), while the new Alcantara texture Type Covers intended for Surface Go request $129 (£124.99, AU$199, AED 399). These come in burgundy, cobalt and platinum tones. 

At long last, a standard dark nylon Type Cover is accessible for a more tasteful $99 (£99, AU$149), acquiring the entirety of similar highlights and a somewhat less excellent feel and look.

The Surface laptop Go’s greatest opponent, Apple’s iPad 2018, begins at $329 (£319, AU$469, AED 1,349) to begin, which gets you 32GB of blaze stockpiling and 2GB of memory half as much as the starter Surface Go in either case, yet with a more honed show. 

In the event that you need the iPad to coordinate the Surface Go away, the 64GB model will hinder you $429 (£409, AU$599), however memory remains at 2GB in all arrangements. 

In case you’re after a Windows 10 gadget, there’s the Asus Transformer Mini, which is amazingly like the Surface Go in that it offers a 10.1-inch Windows tablet with a kickstand. 

Also, both the pointer and console spread are incorporated for only $399 (about £300, AU$534) to get the model with 128GB of capacity. Yet, the presentation isn’t exactly in the same class as either option, and it’s restricted to 4GB of RAM as its lone setup.

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Design & Built 

Originating from a similar family as the Surface Laptop, the Laptop Go shares (the greater part of) its DNA. 

What barely any trade offs were made to this less expensive model were reasonably thought of to hold the smooth moderation and premium materials that characterize Microsoft’s items. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go design & Bulit
Design & Bulit

When seen from over, the Laptop Go seems as though a littler rendition of the Surface Laptop 3, donning an aluminum top (appeared in Ice Blue) enhanced with a chrome Microsoft logo in the middle. 

Flip around the PC and the distinction gets self-evident. 

The Surface Laptop Go exchanges the Surface Laptop 3’s aluminum base spread for one made of polycarbonate sap. 

All the more explicitly, the underside is made of 40% glass fiber and 30% post-shopper reused materials. Plastics can feel modest, yet not for this situation the Laptop Go baseboard is canvassed in a charming delicate touch finish. 

Nothing within the Laptop Go recommends it’s any more affordable than the most premium ultrathin alternatives. Aluminum returns on the deck when you open the PC, making a delicate hard difference with the light-dim touchpad and keys. 

Lifting the Laptop Go plan are the slim bezels around the presentation, a component generally found on a lot pricier models. 

Joined with a smooth impression and carefully inclined lines, the Surface Laptop Go is, undeniably, among the most attractive workstations in this value range.

Display on Surface Laptop Go

Indeed, the Surface Laptop Go’s screen is in excess of an inch less than the screen of the littlest Surface Laptop 3, yet numerous individuals won’t discover this to be a disadvantage.

 For a certain something, a littler screen empowers the PC to be slimmer and lighter. Additionally, the Surface Laptop Go keeps up the moderately uncommon 3:2 screen angle proportion of the remainder of the Surface Laptop family. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Display

This is taller and smaller than the standard 16:9 direction utilized on PCs, which implies that you can see to a greater extent a vertical archive, similar to a page, or more lines of an Excel spreadsheet before you need to look down. 

The main expected disadvantage to the Surface Laptop Go’s screen is it’s generally low local goal of 1,536 by 1,024 pixels, which makes for a thickness of 148 pixels for each inch (ppi). 

Given the screen size, this is basically equal to a full HD goal, which is sufficient for a sub-$1,000 PC, however it’s fundamentally lower than the goals of both the Surface Laptop 3 13-Inch (2,256 by 1,504 pixels) and the MacBook Air (2,560 by 1,600 pixels). 

The distinction implies perceptibly grainy content on occasion when seeing the Surface Laptop Go from an agreeable separation of two feet.

 All things considered, the screen is generally high-caliber, with 10-point contact backing and all that anyone could need greatest brilliance to be seen in a sunlit-overwhelmed family room. 

Over the showcase, there’s a 720p forward looking camcorder. With endless individuals currently spending huge segments of their day on video calls as they telecommute, it’s somewhat baffling that Microsoft didn’t choose to outfit the Surface Laptop Go with a 1080p webcam. 

The 720p one is sufficient, yet it conveys marginally uproarious picture quality in any event, when your room is nicely lit.

The camera additionally needs face acknowledgment sign-ins through Windows Hello, an element that Microsoft has vigorously advanced and which is accessible on practically the entirety of the organization’s different Windows gadgets. 

The exclusion of the IR sensors required for Windows Hello and a 1080p camera are likely cost-sparing measures. 

Rather than face acknowledgment, the Surface Laptop Go incorporates a force button that serves as a unique mark peruser, which actually permits you to sign in to your Windows account without composing a secret phrase. 

This is a recognizable component on Mac PCs, and I really discover it to be more solid than face acknowledgment at logging me in without fail, regardless of whether it’s not as cutting edge as the face acknowledgment that is currently typical on telephones and Windows workstations.

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Keyboard & Trackpad

Microsoft has utilized the most up to date form of its Surface Pro TypeCover’s plan in the Surface Laptop, which brings a material, delicate touch and water-safe Alcantara covering to the gadget. 

It’s an invite expansion to a full-sized PC, as up to this point it was just accessible on the organization’s 2-in-1 Surface reach. Truth be told, its archetype as transported with the Surface Pro 4 was one of our most loved ever consoles. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Keyboard & Trackpad
Keyboard & Trackpad

Since it was first dispatched available in 2015, Microsoft has generally adhered to a similar equation with its TypeCover and the variant highlighted in the Surface Laptop is the same, save for some additional room and one little change to the key-switch plan, which are both rewards for convenience. 

All in all, we don’t have any grievances about the Surface Laptop’s console and trackpad plan, truth be told, it’s a fantasy to use, with magnificent responsiveness. 

We would even go as far to state it’s probably the best console we’ve ever utilized on a Windows machine and just barely passes up the honor of being our preferred console in general, which tumbles to the MacBook Pro’s superb console.


While we do have the best quality Surface Laptop Go here, it’s imperative to temper desires with regards to crude execution. All we have here is an Intel Core i5-1035G1, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. 

That is certainly not going to be a benchmark dominator, and it isn’t. 

This processor is only a solitary advance over a Core i3 chip, and has one of the most fragile coordinated GPUs in the Ice Lake arrangement, which is the reason this PC falls all over at whatever point you do any sort of designs remaining task at hand. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go performance

Essentially, don’t anticipate doing a lot of gaming or video altering on this thing. 

That is thoroughly fine, notwithstanding, in light of the fact that this PC is certainly not working to deal with that sort of outstanding task at hand. 

Rather, this PC shows its quality with regards to daintily strung web perusing and word handling outstanding burdens, while the splendid, beautiful showcase and nice speakers settle on it as a decent decision for viewing Netflix in your personal time. 

That is all the Surface Laptop Go truly decides to do, and it dominates. In any event, when we have 12 Chrome tabs open, with Slack and Spotify running out of sight, this PC keeps on taking off. 

Much the same as with any PC buy, you have to choose what you need to do with this PC before you pick it.

In the event that you will be doing hefty photograph and video altering remaining burdens, you will be in an ideal situation with something with more drive. 

In case you’re simply an understudy that needs something reasonable to traverse your homework without overloading you, notwithstanding, the Surface Laptop Go ought to totally be at the head of your rundown.

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The 5 megapixel, 1080p webcam on the Surface Pro X was a reviving change from the horrible cameras used on laptops and tablets. 

Shockingly, the 720p focal point on the Surface Laptop Go is a re-visitation of the disillusioning standard. A selfie I snapped on a stunning fall day was covered in grainy spots, or visual clamor. 

I was unable to try and see strands of hair in my whiskers, which resembled an earthy mass. 

My hoodie was the proper shade of dim and the focal point caught the peach and rose tones in my face, however I suggest an outer webcam in the event that you need to put your best self forward on the following phone call with the chief.

Speakers on Surface Laptop GO

“Where is the sound coming from?” you may ponder when tuning in to jams on the Surface Laptop Go. Like the Surface Laptop 3, the double “omnidirectional” speakers on the Laptop Go are situated underneath the console. 

The speakers are noteworthy on the off chance that you keep them beneath most extreme volume. Leon Bridges and Khruangbin’s “Texas Sun” occupied my front room, however the twang of the electric guitar in this nation-meets-soul melody was penetrating and mutilated at 100% volume. 

The Killers’ “Read My Mind” sounded fresh and the clamor of electric instruments was dealt with deftly, each slide of the guitar isolated from the others; I simply wish the low end had more oomph to give the melody the energy it merits.

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Battery Life on this Laptop

Damn, this one damages. Until our battery test (constant web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits), the Surface Laptop Go was bound for mid-range PC enormity. Yet, with 7 hours and 42 minutes of runtime, I battle to suggest it in front of its rivals. 

Those adversaries, the Pixelbook Go (11:29), ZenBook 13 UX325UA (13:47), Surface Go 2 (11:39) and Envy x360 13 (11:51), went on for a few hours longer. 

We ran this test multiple times; the Surface Laptop Go never beat 8 hours of runtime.

Ports & Connectivity

Lamentably, ports are a zone wherein the Surface Laptop truly tumbles down. Like the Surface Pro, it’s just got one full-size USB 3.0 port and one Mini DisplayPort – however USB-C is mysteriously absent. 

It’s an inconceivably baffling exclusion; not exclusively is USB-C a magnificent empowering agent of adaptable and lithe working models, it’s likewise basic for future-sealing your gadget, as an ever increasing number of makers move to utilizing USB-C as their essential type of association. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Ports
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Ports

It’s a genuine disgrace, and the Surface Laptop unquestionably languishes over not having USB-C, especially in examination with other, less expensive ultrabooks which do highlight it. 

Obviously, Microsoft will offer a dock with USB-C uphold, which associates through the Surface Laptop’s capacity connector – however that is an extra expense on top of an as of now rather expensive gadget. 

Somewhere else, there are different highlights normally found in Microsoft’s superior gadgets. 

It incorporates Windows Hello’s facial acknowledgment, the Surface Pen and even the Surface Dial despite the fact that you can’t utilize it on the screen similarly likewise with the Surface Studio.

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  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. 3:2 aspect ratio 
  3. Great processor


  1. Keyboard Lacks Backlighting
  2. Low-resolution screen
  3. Limited ports 

Things being what they are, would it be advisable for you to get one? I like the Surface Laptop Go, however it’s not for everybody. Here’s my recommendation. 

The $550 model has pitiable capacity. Simply 64GB, fastened onto the motherboard, and even less subsequent to representing the OS. Likewise, running Windows 10 with 4GB of RAM can cause a $500 PC to feel like a $400 laptop. 

I’m construing that, since I haven’t really tried the $550 adaptation. 

The $900 adaptation is excessively near genuinely standard estimated workstations, and particularly at occasion time, I’ve seen some extraordinary arrangements in the $900-$1,000 territory (a year ago, the customary Surface Laptop had some great arrangements). 

The main distinction from the center model is a 256GB rather than 128GB. Charging $200 for a 128GB stockpiling redesign is an extreme sell on the off chance that you ask me. 

That leaves us with the $700 model, which has 8GB of RAM and an acceptable 128GB SSD. Same screen, same processor as different designs.

 Truly, you can get more CPU force and more stockpiling at that cost, however not, when in doubt, something this overall quite smooth and light and convenient. 

In case you’re going for 60% style, 40% specs, and can swing $700, I’d state that particular adaptation is the one to consider and makes for an extraordinary financial plan ish PC with sharp style.