Surface book 3 vs macbook pro

Macbook pro vs surface book 3

Hey guys, This is an in depth comparison of one of the best laptops. The Surface book 3 vs macbook pro 2019.

We have Microsoft’s brand new surface book 3 as well as Apple’s 2019 13-inch base macbook pro both of these retail at $1300.

On this model of surface book 3 you’ve got the all aluminum design. I think you can get a model that’s a little bit cheaper.

if you get that alcantara model but, this is all aluminum and I can tell you right now it looks and feels amazing. 

At $1300 price point you do have the option to choose Alcantara. but, I’d definitely say if you’re spending $1,300 get the aluminum model.

It actually comes with 256 gigs of storage compared to the MacBook Pro that only comes with 128 gigs.

Other than that all the specs are very similar there’s not much differences other than the storage.

So, in this comparison we’re basically going to be comparing everything that we can between these two laptops.

Let’s see which one is the better buy and the better value at the $1300 price point. So, let’s start off with exterior build quality and design.

Build quality and design 

So, the Surface book 3 here is all black and macbook pro we’ve got the aluminum Space Gray.

They’re both 13-inch laptops but, if we take this and we stack the macbook pro on top of the surface book 3 you will see that the surface laptop is actually a little bit bigger.

Surface book 3 vs macbook pro

It’s definitely taller more taller and it’s a little bit wider as well. So, the MacBook pro is going to be more portable looking.

On the side you can definitely see that the market soft surface book 3  is quite a bit thicker on the back.

we can see how nice the aluminum looks on both of these laptops.

we can see vents right up in the back of each laptop so that’s really nice and other than that.

They’re very solid the build quality is super solid on both of these laptops.

Now comparing the hinges the MacBook has always been known for being really easy to open up with just one finger.

That is the case with the Microsoft Surface laptop and would look at that in terms of authentication. 

Authentication and Security 

The MacBook Pro actually has touch ID right in the corner of the keyboard.

So, you could easily log in and make purchases whatever you want to do using your fingerprint.

but, the Microsoft Surface book 3 actually has Windows hello.

Surface book 3 vs macbook pro

So, you just open it up it looks at your face recognizes you and unlocks the laptop.

I don’t know how secure this is but it’s so much more convenient and you don’t even have to put your finger anywhere.

It just unlocks automatically. I really wish that Apple would implement this into the upcoming MacBooks.

Looking at the overall layout of these two laptops. They look very similar but, there are definitely some differences.

first of all, you can tell that you have speaker grilles on the MacBook and they’re completely missing on the surface book 3.

That’s actually because the speakers are underneath the keyboard.

so, we’re definitely gonna have to test out those speakers and see which ones are better in just a minute. 

Surface book 3 vs macbook pro

The trackpad on the MacBook Pro is quite a bit larger than the one on the surface book 3.

This is actually not that small a lot of other Windows laptops have smaller track pads than this.

So, overall we’re pretty happy with the size of this trackpad. But you definitely can’t beat the size of the one on the macbook pro as for the keyboard.

I can tell that the surface does have it recessed a little bit deeper into the laptop itself whereas, this just goes down a little bit.

we have rounded keys compared to this traditional squared off keys on macbook.

We can see that the MacBook Pro actually has the touch bar this year.

Which is really nice but some don’t like it because they prefer to have a physical Escape key. But, I actually don’t mind it.

Macbook pro touch bar

It’s not too bad you’ve got all your options right here and you can customize a lot of it on this little display.

One big difference you can instantly notice is the difference in the displays.

The surface book 3 is actually using a 3 by 2 display Compared to a 16 by 10.

So, the service is gonna have more vertical space. which is really nice for browsing the web and things like that.

The sixteen by ten actually isn’t bad on the MacBook. it’s definitely much better than 16 by 9 on a lot of Windows laptops .

So, either way we’re really happy with the display aspect ratios on both of these. Before we get into comparing the displays let’s compare the ports.

Ports and Connectivity 

So, here on the MacBook Pro we get a headphone jack. There and two Thunderbolt three ports.

so, one of them could be for charging and you could use both of these for connecting monitors. EGP use Thunderbolt 3 docks all kinds of Thunderbolt 3 accessories.

On the Microsoft Surface book 3 we actually have a max type connector here for charging.

So, if anybody trips over it’s just going to disconnect. It’s not gonna fall over which is really nice. 

We have a USB A ports a USB C port and a headphone jack.

This USB C port actually does not support Thunderbolt 3 that’s actually one of the biggest pitfalls of this Surface laptop.

That means you can’t connect any GPU a monitor, a dock for more ports. You can’t do any of that so that’s really really disappointing on this laptop.

It’s actually surprising that a $1,300 laptop has Windows hello facial recognition.

but, doesn’t have Thunderbolt 3 at all comparing the display quality. 


The displays on both laptops look really great definitely enough resolution for a 13-inch laptop.

The only downside with the surface book 3 is that the display is very reflective.

So, I can definitely see a massive difference in reflectivity just waving my hand.

Apple MacBook Pro

That could be a problem for some people and now let’s compare the maximum brightness on both of these laptops.

It looks like the surface is actually just as bright or just slightly brighter than it is on the MacBook Pro.

So, that’s actually really impressive but in terms of color accuracy. The surface supports 98% of srgb colors.

While, the MacBook Pro does a 100% SRGB. It even goes above that supporting.

All the dcpip three colors well the surface only supports about 75% of dcpip 3.

Surface book 3 display

That means if you want to do very serious photo editing you SHOULD definitely go with the MacBook Pro over the surface book 3.

With that out of the way let’s compare the keyboards and the track pads. 

Keyboards and the trackpads 

As you know we have the butterfly keyboard on the MacBook Pro.

A lot of people complain about the lack of travel. It just feeling like it’s very clicky. But, just definitely not like the traditional feel of a keyboard.

Surface book 3 review

On the surface book 3 you definitely get so much more key travel and you get that traditional feel.

This keyboard feels very clicky and nice. I’d say if you’re used to a traditional keyboard like this you’re gonna love this laptop.

Whereas, it takes quite a bit of time to get used to the MacBook Pro. I’m already used to it and I like it.

I like how it’s nice and clicky. I don’t mind the low key travel. but, this anybody could get used to this keyboard. 

Apple is known for the awesome track pads.

This is a force touch trackpad on macbook which means you can actually click anywhere on the trackpad.

There is no difference in clicking feel because it actually doesn’t move.

Surface book 3

There’s actually a motor that vibrates underneath it that simulates a click.

So, it’s even everywhere and you can actually do a double click you can do a force click down for certain things.

Whereas, this is more of a diving board keyboard. where it’s very stiff and sturdy at the top and it gets very easy to click towards the bottom.

A lot of Windows laptops are like this which I don’t really like how that feels compared to the force touch trackpad.

But, this is definitely a nicer trackpad than a lot of the other windows soft Laptops out there and now let’s get into the speaker comparison. 

Speaker comparison

Surface book 3 has speaker’s under the keyboard. so, it might not be the best situation for sound quality.

but, let’s go ahead and compare it right now.

Let’s start with the surface, so that was very very interesting usually Windows laptops do not sound as loud as MacBook Pros do.

But, it’s actually just as loud or slightly louder. I did hear some differences the vocals and the tones were very very clear on the MacBook Pro.

Surface book 3 vs macbook pro

It was very easy to distinguish the different instruments. whereas, on the surface book 3.

The mids were pretty loud and it was kind of muffled and all kind of blended together.

There wasn’t that much distinction and the vocals were harder to hear.

 but, it was definitely loud and I’d say these speakers are very very impressive compared to a lot of other laptops out there.

Like the Dell XPS or different brands like that premium brands.

so, I’m actually really impressed with the speakers on the surface book 3 and now let’s get into the performance comparison. 

Performance comparison

Starting out with Geekbench. So we’re gonna go ahead and run the CPU benchmark on both of these machines.

So, the results are in and the surface book 3 is actually really impressive. We’ve got a higher single and multi-core score then on the MacBook Pro.

Macbook pro vs surface book 3

That’s because the surface actually has a 10th gen ice Lake CPU.

Which is the latest and greatest technology from Intel compared to I believe it is 8th gen still on the base model.

Either way we were actually really impressed with the 2019 MacBook Pros jump in performance from the 2017 base model.

So, it’s actually really impressive on the surface book 3.

Getting into Geekbench 5 graphics test both of these have intel’s iris plus graphics.

So, let’s go ahead and run that test. So, here are the graphics results and it’s actually really surprising that the surface got around 38% faster graphics score then on the MacBook Pro.

So, that’s really impressive. So, the performance you’re getting here on the surface book 3 is quite a bit better than on the MacBook Pro.

Finally to finish off performance I want to test the disk speed test.

macbook pro vs surface book 3

So let’s test it on both of these right here and once again the surface book 3 actually beats out the MacBook Pro.

You got a slightly higher read score and almost double of the write scores and that’s something we usually don’t see.

Macbooks usually have faster SSD speeds compared to Windows laptops.

So, once again Microsoft job in the performance Department. so with all that said which laptop is the better buy. 


Of course, if you prefer Mac you’re definitely going to go with the MacBook Pro.

But, if you could go either way for $1,300. The surface book 3 does have more performance.

It has more storage so spec wise the surface book 3 actually beats out the MacBook.

But, when you look at the fine details like the display quality, the color accuracy, the trackpad other stuff like that.

The MacBook Pro actually might be better for professionals.

Apple MacBook Pro

who are trying to do photo editing, video editing or things like that. Especially, because of the Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The lack of Thunderbolt 3 on the surface book 3 is actually a really big downfall of this laptop.

So, if you’re trying to use it with an external GPU with a monitor.

A thunderbolt dock you actually won’t be able to do that on the Surface book 3.

But, other than that if you need a basic, really premium, high quality laptop SURFACE BOOK 3 is actually a really good option.

The all aluminum build, the keyboard, the trackpad, the display everything is actually really decent and very good for a Windows laptop.

So of course, if you like Mac. This is the way to go because you still get really good performance.

Surface book 3 review

You have excellent display quality you can use the Thunderbolt 3 with any GPU monitors, everything else. So in reality this is actually one of the toughest choices.

but I’d say because you get more storage on the surface book 3 and you get such good performance and everything else is just so high-quality premium on the surface book 3.

I would definitely choose this one over the MacBook Pro.

If you don’t need Thunderbolt 3. If you do need Thunderbolt 3. it’s definitely gonna have to be the MacBook Pro. 

so I hope you guys like this comparison. Tell us which laptop you liked the most or planning to buy in the comment section below!

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