Hp spectre x360

Hp spectre x360 review – ultra portable!?

What’s up guys today we’ll be talking about the HP spectre x360 laptop in this hp spectre x360 review.

This laptop is a 2 in 1 device that’s relatively more popular.

Hp spectre x360 laptop overview

This hp spectre x360 laptop sales at 1150$ on their website.

Looking at the specs included it looks like a really good laptop.

This device has a stylus included and a leather sleeve.

The base variant of this hp spectre x360 laptop starts with 256 gigs of storage so they’re not scamming with 128 gigs one.

So, that’s the overview of the hp spectre X 360 laptop.

The one we reviewed is the 13 inch version and there’s also a 15 inch version available.

I recommend the 13 inch one because imagine holding a massive 15 inch tablet.

Hp spectre x360

It’s kind of ridiculous so 13 inch will be best and here’s the Hp spectre x360 review.

Hp spectre x360 Review


Hp spectre x360 design

The spectre x360 is built entirely from aluminum.

The keyboard deck is aluminum, the bottom panel is aluminum, the hinge is an aluminum made.

The screen, the grill above the keyboard is super rigid with 0 flex.

The keyboard itself though has a little bit of flex but it’s pretty minimal and you don’t really notice it.

The screen also has a average reasonable amount of flex and overall structural rigidity is pretty good.

Hp spectre x360 design

At this price point the hinge on this laptop is excellent with just the right amount of resistance.

You can easily open hp spectre x360 in a laptop tent or tablet mode.

There’s a little bit of screen wobble.

It might have been better to tighten up the hinge to reduce that for pen usage.

But I haven’t really used a 2-in-1 device with a tight hinge before.

So, I’m not going to complain and it’s actually better.


The hp spectre x360 display.

The screen hp using is a 1080p touchscreen panel with support for a pen for drawing and writing.

The top and bottom bezels are pretty thick but the side bezels are pretty thin on this spectre x360.

Hp spectre x360 display

I don’t like the top bezel the chin is fine but, not the top it looks really bad with a thick forehead.

The brightness color gamut and color accuracy are all really good on this laptop.

I measured the brightness and it was around 375 nits.

Which is quite bright and the colors on this laptop was pretty warm out of the box.

I then calibrated it and i have to say this is an excellent screen.

I said at the start hp also include a pen in the box.

The pen is not a separate accessory that you have to buy over a hundred bucks.

This pen has got a little bit more latency than other pens.

but, at given price point it’s really just a minor thing.

I really enjoy using it when the chance comes up.


Speakers on the hp spectre x360.

Hp spectre x360 speakers

The speakers are not located above the keyboard but rather on the bottom and they sound really mediocre.

I think aside from firing downwards the drivers themselves just don’t sound that great.

It’s a little better in this position where the speakers are firing upward but audio isn’t its strong feature.


Hp spectre x360 keyboard.

The keyboard on this uses a slightly different layout with an extra column of keys on the very most right.

Hp spectre x360 review - ultra portable!?

This adds a couple of extra dedicated function keys.

it doesn’t really mess with my ability to type.

I don’t reach all the way to the right for my enter’ and backspace key.

I’d to say it’s got a good layout and these switches feel okay and they’re not my favorite switches.

I just seem to make slightly more mistakes on this than some other keyboards.

because it’s easier to accidentally register a keystroke.

but, eventually you learn to adapt to the way it works.


Hp spectre x360 trackpad

The trackpad of hp spectre x360 really surprised me that virtually every trackpad in 2019 uses native Windows drivers.

The hardware itself is good on this and it’s got a glass surface with good feedback.

The acceleration is really sensitive and you don’t get any customizability with drivers on this laptop.

Hp spectre x360 specifications

The hp spectre x360 packs in the i5 8250u 8 gigs of ram and a 256 gig SSD.

Performance on this laptop is good although.

I recommend 16 gb of ram if you’re doing any coding or video editing work.

Hp spectre x360

The drive hp using is the Western Digital SN 720.

It’s a very fast drive that’s about on par with a samsung PM 981.

if you remove the bottom panel you’ll get access to the two RAM slots.

Which are filled right out of the box.

Taking off the bottom panel isn’t exactly easy since these screws are hidden under the two rubber strips.

but if you’ve got balls you can rip them off and glue them back on afterwards.

Thermals on hp spectre x360

Thermals on hp spectre x360.

The thermals on this laptop are really good with this thing it’s rarely above 90 degrees.

The CPU and the surface temps are also reasonable.

It doesn’t burn your skin while the bottom panel can get pretty toasty.

Hp spectre x360 review - ultra portable!?

If you keep it running for a long period of time it never actually gets hot enough to burn.

While running my stress test I noticed that the fans don’t ramp up that much mostly because it hovers in the mid-70s.

it’s got good thermals the fans are quiet.

because of that the CPU doesn’t really hold its boost clock for very long.

Ports and connectivity

You get all of the needed ports on hp spectre x360.

On the left side is your USB A port with the power button on the corner.

Bit of an odd placement and on the left are two USB C’s a headphone jack and a microSD slot.

Hp spectre x360 ports

They include a USB C 2 HDMI adapter in the box.

I wish one of the USB C ports was moved to the left for charging on both sides.

Since, both of them do support charging.

Charging and battery life

Charging and battery life of hp spectre x360.

The charger included is a compact 65 watt charger that chooses the 62 watt hour battery inside.

Which usually lasts me about 8 to 9 hours on a single charge.

Hp spectre x360 charging

Which is nuts part of that is just having a bigger 62 watt hour battery.

Where other ultrabooks are in the 50 range this hp spectre x360 is easily an all-day battery laptop.


lastly just a few things that I want to mention that didn’t really fit with the other parts.

The first thing is that and I’m not sure if this is specific to HP or if it’s a Windows thing.

Going into tablet or presentation mode drops the performance by quite a bit which feels counterintuitive to me.

Hp spectre x360 review - ultra portable!?
Fingerprint scanner

The second thing is that there’s a hardware webcam switch.

You can enable or disable the webcam at the hardware level and lastly.

It features both windows hello facial unlock and a fingerprint sensor.

The HP Spectre x360 packs a ton of really good hardware into a strong chassis and throws in some extra accessories to really seal the deal.

For a 2-in-1 laptop device specifically there’s not much else that competes with this at this price point.

The surface book 2 also starts at 1150$ for the 13 inch version.

Hp spectre x360

That comes with a 7 gen CPU and a 128 gig drive.

Really once you make things equal with a pen you’re looking at sixteen hundred dollars.

but, if you want a dedicated graphics card in your 13-inch convertible that’s not something you get with the spectre x360.

Hp spectre x360 review - ultra portable!?

Value wise the hp spectre x360 convertible is an excellent buy.

If you just want the best and you don’t care about how expensive it is surface book 2 is a better product in my opinion.

it’s more expensive but it’s a better product.

This was our hp spectre x360 review. Tell us in comment section below what do you think about the hp spectre x360 the 2 in 1 laptop.

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