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Hp Omen 15 Review – The most powerful gaming laptop!

What’s up and welcome to the bestinlaptops.com today in this review we’re taking a look at the HP omen 15.

Hp omen 15 is one of the best bang for the buck laptops available out there.

The only potential competitor in my mind for best value for money laptop was the Acer predator Helios 300.

But, maybe this one even beats that one in terms of value.

I’ve got a bunch of benchmarks and a bunch of pros and cons for hp omen 15 laptop.

We’ll be going over all of that in this hp omen 15 review. Lets start our review with a quick overview of the hp omen 15 laptop.

Hp omen 15 overview

 The hp omen 15 laptop has a 15.6 inch display which is a 1080p panel with 144 Hertz referesh rate display.

Hp omen 15 features an i7 8750 processor with an r/t X 2060.

Hp omen 15 has 16 gigs of DDR 4 ram and 128 gig SSD plus a one terabyte HDD.

This laptop is exactly one inch thick.

Hp omen 15

HP claims this laptop weighs 5.6 pounds and we measured it at roughly 5.6 pounds.

With the AC power brick the weight goes to 6.9 pounds.

All that to say hp omen 15 has some extremely respectable and high-powered specs for only a 1208$ price point.

Which makes it a value for money laptop.

Before we get into the actual benchmarks and see how good the hp omen 15 is let’s talk about the actual usability of the laptop and any other flaws that it might have. 

Hp omen 15 specs

  • Processor :- Intel Core i7-9750H 8.
  • GPU :- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (Laptop).
  • Display :- 15.6”, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 144 Hz, IPS.
  • HDD/SSD :-128GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD.
  • RAM :- 16GB DDR4.
  • OS and Battery :- 70Wh, 4-cell.
  • Dimensions :- 360 x 263 x 25.9 mm (14.17″ x 10.35″ x 1.02″)

Design and built

The overall design of hp omen 15 is very typical gaming laptop type.

You’ve got this crisscross pattern on back and got some really wacky HP and omen logos on it.

Hp omen 15

The keyboard itself is actually quite nice it does feel a little bit plasticky but has deep travel and a springy feel to it.

The backlight on the keyboard of this laptop is fairly bright. but, it’s not hyper bright.

In a darker room you can easily see the backlight on this keyboard and it does have four zones.

The WASD keys, the left, the right and middle zones. You can all customize with a bunch of different colors.

That’s pretty nice. It’s pretty customizable similar to Alienware three zone setups.

overall I give the keyboard a rating of seven point. It’s not that amazing but, it’s not terrible either.

Hp omen 15

Hp omen 15 has a decent keyboard especially for this price point.

The hp omen 15 laptop has some of the best port selection in any 15 inch laptop for 2020.

Ports on hp omen 15

The hp omen 15 has got basically every port you could want.

This laptop has got a full sized SD card reader, three USB type-A, a mini DisplayPort for easy VR hookup, an HDMI out and an ethernet out.

For ports hp omen 15 laptop is a plus plus.


The trackpad on this laptop is a semi smooth plastic touchpad and it definitely lacks the premium feel that you get with more expensive laptops.

Overall, the touchpad works really well and I didn’t have any issues with jumpiness or with responsiveness on this trackpad.

Hp omen 15

I guess it’s like a B+ on the touchpad not the best feel but functionality is pretty decent.

This laptop does have two dedicated mechanical buttons for those of you that prefer those over the inbuilt touchpad buttons.

Hp omen 15 display

The hp omen 15 do have a minimal bezel design that means the bezels on the side are extremely small and the top is fairly small.

The omen 15 does have a large bottom bezel.

But, the good thing is it does have the webcam at the top.

This 144 Hertz display is an IPS level display.

This display has a lot better colors and contrast than your normal TN panels.

I don’t think this display is as good as some of the newer 144 Hertz display panels i have seen so far.

Hp omen 15

The Alienware display is certainly more colorful than this hp omen 15 has.

This one seems very reminiscent of the quality of panel from 2018.

Note that this is an exceptionally good display for the money at a 1280$ price point.

It’s hard to find a better display than this one especially for really smooth gameplay.

The bloatware on this machine is extensive.

Bloatware on hp omen 15

You’ve got a whole suite of applications that you don’t need installed by HP and then there’s like one application that you need to actually tune the laptop.

That tuning application is simple and fairly well done didn’t have any issues with that.

Hp omen 15

The main problem is all these extra bloatware. Especially, McAfee Antivirus it’s like spyware pre-installed on your machine.

When you want to remove it there’s all weird things that you have to do that try to mislead you from deleting it.

Then deleting it takes forever and you have to restart your machine and if you don’t delete.

It causes pop ups that occur all the time and it absorbs your CPU usage.

I was trying to do my battery test and the McAfee Antivirus kept popping up and using a 30% of CPU killing my battery extremely quickly.

There’s very few things in this hp omen 15 laptop that makes me mad and bloatware is one of them.

So, the moment you get this laptop you should uninstall all the extra bloat.

If you’re like me just go ahead and reinstall a clean install of Windows 10.


When looking at the test shots of the Omen 15’s webcam, I thought I was thrown into a B-movie horror flick.

The lighting was ominously dark, and my surroundings were washed in a greenish tint.

Hp omen 15

I could even see the pixels on my forehead when the photo was zoomed out all the way.

I would suggest buying an external webcam if you plan on streaming.

Hp omen 15 Battery life

Hp omen 15

As far as battery life goes I did do a battery life drain test.

It was hard to actually do it because there’s so much bloatware on this machine.

The antivirus was kicking off i had to disable a bunch of tests.

So, i basically measured a period of time averaged out how long you’d have a full battery charge based on that period of time and it got to about 2 hours and 20 minutes of total battery time.

Obviously, that was with Wi-Fi on a whole bunch of tabs open an internet browser and typing up this review.

So take that with a grain of salt if you’re to optimize this laptop.

Reinstall it’s windows 10 to remove all the bloatware.

where I could see you getting about 3 and a half to 4 hours battery life under perfect conditions.

But only with a lot of optimization.

If you do heavy-duty tasks like some gaming you’re looking at closer to like an hour and 15 minutes of battery.

All right let’s go ahead and take a look at some benchmarks for this HP omen 15.

Performance and Gaming

Here is a brief overview of all the games that we have tested and you can see that it is doing exceptionally well.

Hp omen 15

We got very high frame rates on all of the games except for shadow of the tomb raider, far cry 5 and the witcher 3.

Those are still well above 60 frames and that’s good and those are also running on ultra graphics.

For 3d mark firestrike ultra we had a decent score of 3655 interestingly. This under perform compared to the GX 531.

3d mark gaming performance

Which had a 1070 max-q graphics card so, that is pretty interesting.

When we switched over to time spy graphics.

This is a little bit more friendly to the RTX GPU architecture and we’re getting quite a bit better performance from the RTX 2060 in the HP omen 15.

keep in mind that the MSI GP 75 leopard is gonna have nearly identical performance to the Acer predator Helios 300.

if you’re looking to compare this notebook versus that notebook you can basically look at that graph and get a pretty good idea of how the Acer predator Helios 300 would.

These are Cinebench r15 multi score on the HP omen 15 that was really really good.

I was really impressed with it especially.

Hp omen 15

The throttled score just stayed right up there right around 1235 and 1240.

The downside here of course as you’ll see in the stress test is that the temperature and power limiting is like non-existent on this HP omen 15.

You’re getting an extremely good performance at the expense of really high thermal temperatures.

During our handbrake 4k render time we had kind of bad performance from the HP omen 15.

Hp omen 15 performance

This might be partially because of the bloatware installed on the laptop and of course also we’re seeing some throttling.

We’re averaging a temperature of 89 degrees compared to the other two laptops only having 73 degrees as you can see.

Far cry 3 gaming performance

The far cry 5 benchmark put out some really good numbers at 86 fps outperforming the 1070 max Q and the 1660 TI.

Taking a look at the apex legends benchmark we got 189 fps compared to 122 from the GX 531 + GP 75 leopards 181.

Hp omen 15

This is really good performance and apex Legends is going to be a great game to play on this hp omen 15 laptop.

Hp Omen 15 Review - The most powerful gaming laptop!

This laptop did really well in the witcher 3 at 70 FPS outperforming both the GX 531 and the GP 75 leopard by a fair margin shadow of the Tomb Raider did exceptionally well.

Hp Omen 15 Review - The most powerful gaming laptop!

At 76 FPS on highest settings while the other two budget laptops hit 65 and 64 FPS.

This is one of those games where you’re really going to see a lot better performance from the RTX 2060.

next up is the stress test utilizing the heaven benchmark and fire strike physics CPU test.

When the computer is idle you have basically no noise or very very low fans.

Hp omen 15

If you’re in a completely dead quiet room you will hear the laptop just a little bit.

But, if you have something else running like the AC in your room you’re not gonna hear the laptop at all.

When you’re in the default fan profile we had 50 decibels and when you’re in the max fan noise profile.

we got all the way up to 56 decibels that is pretty loud but that’s not as loud as you can possibly go.

Hp omen 15

50 decibels is very quiet overall for a gaming laptop and 56 is like average for a loud laptop 60 Plus is like dream.

So 56 is reasonable you can see with either fan profile the GPU temperature was very reasonable as hitting at 70 degrees and 69 degrees.

The downside here is that the average CPU temp hit up to 97 degrees on the max fan profile and this is kind of the opposite of what you think would happen when you put on max fan.

Still fact is when you put it on max fan there’s no more power limitations on the CPU and it’s able to ramp and fully clock that CPU which is really good for performance.

we’re gonna get better performance from it as you’ll see in a second on this next graph but the downside here is that the temperatures are through the roof.

The actual clock speeds during the graph keeping it on the default fan profile versus the max fan profile we’re getting about 60 higher clock on the max fan profile for the GPU.

Hp Omen 15 Review - The most powerful gaming laptop!

The GPU performance is not that dramatic just 5% difference.

With the CPU you’re talking about a massive bump in performance 3.8 gigahertz versus 3.2 gigahertz.

The main reason for this is that the CPU power limit is raised.

When you’re on the high-performance setting and this high performance setting is really nice.

I’m really glad they included this but the downside here is that the CPU is just not being cooled well enough and that’s really because of two main reasons first of all I highly doubt that HP’s pace job is very good on the CPU.

Hp Omen 15 Review - The most powerful gaming laptop!

The cpu on this hp omen 15 is probably not transferring the heat very well out of the system.

so that could be alleviated by repasting the CPU.

I imagining the unit dramatically better temps and you may even increase the average CPU clock in a test like this.

if the stock CPU paste was good then that means we’re just looking at an insufficiently sized fan or maybe not enough heat pipes going directly to the CPU.

because we’re getting really good temperatures on the GPU but it’s just the CPU that is really struggling and overheating in this laptop.


Hp omen 15

We have these speaker loudness test and we hit 81.5 decibels which is good for the laptop and the speakers on this hp omen 15 are surprisingly.

These  are some above-average speakers and I’m really impressed.

Actually I wasn’t expecting the speakers to be quite that good so in conclusion let’s go ahead and wrap this thing up. 
let’s talk about the pros first.

Pros and cons

Hp omen 15 cons
  • superb GPU performance
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Great storage options
  • excellent selection of ports
Hp omen 15 Cons
  • Thicker and heavier
  • high CPU temperatures on this machine
  • bloatware sucks


Hp omen 15

The HP Omen 15 packs a punch in terms of style and performance.

It delivers a solid display, decent speakers and a comfortable keyboard. However, I can’t look past the display’s slightly dim nature and the way the speakers can buzz at higher volumes.

If you’re interested in going for a more premium laptop, you can get the Alienware m15 for $2,099, which comes equipped with similar specs that offer stronger performance, a much more colorful display, better gaming utilities and longer battery life.

However, if you’re looking to spend under $2,000, the HP Omen 15 is a solid bet for a good mainstream gaming laptop.

Thanks for reading this hp omen 15 review. Hope you liked it. Please tell us in comment section what do you think about this laptop. To read more articles like this click here.

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