How to take screenshots in mac

How to take screenshots in mac

How to take a screenshots in mac or how to take a snapshot on a mac ?

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How to take a screenshot in mac

So you are really confused about how to take screenshots in mac. Don’t worry im here to help you with that. To capture screenshot in an apple macbook it is a very simple method.

But the screenshots in mac are of two types.

The first case where you need a screenshot of full macbook‘s display. And another case is the one in which you need to take a screenshot of a certain part.

So let me show you how to get a screenshot captured on mac.


. To capture a full screen screenshots in mac follow the following steps :-

  • So once you find the screen which you want to take screenshots of.
How to take screenshots in mac
  • Then hold down the keys SHIFT + COMMAND + 3.
Screenshot of mac
Full displays screenshot taken by mac
  • And then it takes a screenshots of full mac display.
  • To find the screenshots taken go to files or icon appeared just above the screen and boom the screenshots is taken.


Now, in CASE 2 sometimes you just want to have a screenshots of a certain part or a screenshot of a portion on a mac screen.

And for that follow the steps :-

  • As you find a certain part to take screenshots of.
How to take screenshots in mac
  • Then press SHIFT + COMMAND + 4.
Mac screenshot
  • And now a cross appears here.
  • Now i just wanna take the picture of frog 🐸 so just get the frog in this box. The screenshot is taken !
  • And when we open the file boom the picture of frog is only taken in screenshot or snapshot.

Hope you now master how to take a screenshots in a mac term 😉. Congrats!

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