GALAXY BOOK S REVIEW – Macbook kiler?

During the Samsung event that revealed probably the most exciting announcement for me personally.

That’s the GALAXY BOOK S if you’ve been following TECHNOLOGY you’ve heard of talking about mobile chips getting big improvements year-over-year.

While Intel’s been lagging behind and how Apple is paving the way to switch to their own CPUs IN MacBooks.

Well now it’s officially here but Samsung beat them to the market with an ARM chip designed for a full OS instead of just being re-purposed and to be honest it could give a lot of thin laptops including the MacBook Airs a run for their money. 

Before we dive into performance and special features of the galaxy book s along with one big disappointment.

Let’s talk about the exterior of the galaxy book s laptop.

Samsung Galaxy book s specs

  • OS. Windows 10 Home.
  • Display. 13.3” FHD TFT (16:9)
  • Dimension. 305.2 x 203.2 x 6.2-11.8mm.
  • Platform. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 8cx.
  • Memory. RAM (8GB) Internal storage (256GB)
  • Battery. 42Wh.

Samsung Galaxy book s review

This laptop has a very simple design which is a good thing. But, it also has a curve by the hinge.

Which i think is a nice addition to the top and bottom looked to be aluminium but I’m uncertain about the performance.

galaxy book s

The keyboard is a low-profile chiclet design and we also have a fingerprint scanner and a large trackpad.

At the top of the display we have a 720p webcam but unfortunately no windows hello facial recognition.

 Overall, it is slightly thinner and smaller than the MacBook Air and weighs just 2.1 pounds compared to 2.75 pounds that may not sound like a big difference on paper.

But, if you remember the 12 inch retina macbook which was 2 pounds that felt much lighter than the MacBook Air.


But, of course that only had one port and really poor performance with thermal throttling. The galaxy book s will be much faster with a larger display and just slightly heavier.

On the sides we thankfully still have a headphone jack unlike the note 10 and 2 USB type-c ports.

Which seem to be USB 3.1 gen2 for up to 1250 megabytes per second bandwidth and they can also support two 4k displays.

 On the bottom we have a nano sim and micro SD card combo slot would support for up to one terabyte SD cards.

We’ve had LTE connected devices like iPads and smart watches for years.

So I’ve always wondered why laptops have been left out but recently we’re starting to see this push which is great for those who are on the go and need to be connected.

On the inside we have a 42 watt hour battery which is smaller than the MacBook Airs 50 WATT.

But the battery life on this galaxy book s is rated at a massive 23 hours of video playback compared to 13 hours on the MACBOOK AIR. 


Of course, these numbers are usually overrated compared to the real world since the brightness is usually turned down as well as other things but even if it is within the 18 hour range it will be very impressive and I do think that’s possible.

 since at the heart of this machine we have the snapdragon 8cX which is a seven watt chip the i-5 in the air is a dual-core model where the hcx is an 8 core using four powerful cores and for power efficiency cores.

 During the reveal of the 8CX Qualcomm compared it to an 8th gen 1.6 gigahertz quad core i5 that’s available on many current Windows laptops and said that it was slightly faster while using much less power.

GALAXY BOOK S REVIEW - Macbook kiler?

Of course, we will be doing a bunch of test on the galaxy book s. by the way make sure to subscribe so you guys don’t miss out on that.

But, at this time there is very little performance info on the CPU and even less on the graphics.

We do have some numbers from PC mark which you guys can see right here and we also found some tests for the MacBook Air as you can see the HcX is a fair ways ahead realistically.

Estimating the performance and Geekbench for it should get at least 12,000 in multi-core compared to 7400 for the MacBook Air even though this laptop is fanless throttling shouldn’t be an issue like the retina MacBook was due to the HD axis efficient 7 nanometre design.


 On the graphics side we have the adrenal 680 which is a more powerful version of 640 in the galaxy s10 and the note 10 and compared to the Intel USC 620 that’s in that quad core i5.

The adrenal 680 is about 20% more powerful meaning it should likely be at least 40 percent more powerful than the 617 in the MacBook AIR and there’ll be an even bigger difference if you want to play some light games.

GALAXY BOOK S REVIEW - Macbook kiler?

Not only do we have great battery life and respectable performance but the HCX packs in a ton of other things into one chip.

We have the same amazing x24 modem that’s in the galaxy s10 plus and note 10.

Which gave me much better speeds in reception than my iPhone 10s max and along with that we have the latest Wi-Fi chips and Bluetooth 5.

One big benefit of using an ARM chip as the built-in hardware designed for specific tasks for example we have negative h.265 and vp9 decoding and encoding and it can even handle up to 4k 120 frames per second.

Another selling point that is being marketed is the galaxy book s being and always on design just like your phone. So you’re not to wait for it to start up it should be instant.

As for memory we have 256 gigabytes of storage which we will test the speeds up when we get it in and eight gigabytes of new LP ddr4 Ram whereas Apple is still using lpddr3.


 But, that could be just an Intel restriction sound is another thing that I’m curious to test out is the Samsung galaxy book s sound by AKG.  which is a brand that they own and it’s also labeled as Dolby Atmos technology.

But, we’ve seen those labels on other machines where the speakers are fairly weak. whereas, Apple always does a fantastic job with speakers. Now, I mentioned one disappointment with the galaxy book s and that is the “DISPLAY”.

It’s a 1080p panel which makes sense because they are focusing on battery life but what gets me is that it’s labeled as a TFT display not an IPS.

I read through a bunch of hands-on content and looked at some videos and no one mentioned the display quality for some weird reason. TFT panels typically have worse color accuracy and viewing angles. 


So, that may be the biggest downside of this ultra light machine the brightness was also not mentioned. So, that’s something that we will be taking a look at once we get it in the galaxy book s.

Overall, the galaxy book s looks like an intriguing laptop with a nice ultra light design and a usable amount of RAM and SSD in the base model.

It starts at $999 compared to the $1299 for a similar respect MacBook Air but with more performance and battery life of course a huge selling point. For macbook buyers is Mac OS.

 So, if you need that no windows attitude will scare you away. but, for those open to Windows this may be a great option let us know your thoughts on the galaxy book s down below I would love to hear you guys’ opinions thanks for reading this galaxy book s review. 

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