Dell Xps 13 2020 Review

Dell Xps 13 2020 Review – Dell Nailed It!

So, Dell is back again to the laptop markets with its new ultrabook laptop the Dell Xps 13 2020. Which is easily one of the best windows ultrabook laptops out there.

I have been using the Dell Xps 13 2020 laptop for more than a month now and i have to tell you that this laptop is definitely worth it. Even when it comes with a premium price tag.

Though, there are many laptops and ultrabooks you can choose from at this price range and also, you can get a little confused as to which laptop you should be spending your hard earned money.

And so to help you out a little bit here’s an in depth Dell Xps 13 2020 Review. Let’s keep things aside for something and have a look at the specification this laptop has to offer.

Dell Xps 13 2020 Specifications:- 

  • Price: $1,749 
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-1065G7
  • GPU: Intel Iris Plus 
  • RAM: 16GB 
  • Storage: 512 M.2 NVMe SSD 
  • Display: 13.4-inch, 1080p
  • Battery: 12:39 
  • Size: 11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6 inches 
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds

Here’s a helpful video:-

Design of Dell Xps 13 2020:- 

So, the design of this Dell Xps 13 2020 laptop is easily the most admirable thing in this laptop. The laptop has a gorgeous 13 inch display packed inside a frame of 11 inch.

Which roughly gives a screen to body ratio of about 91.5% with a overall weight of 1.3 KGs making it way too portable to carry anywhere you wish.

Dell Xps 13 2020 Review

The laptop also feels and looks very much premium. As the entire body of the laptop is made with a single slab of aluminum while the screen comes with a gorilla glass 6 protection.

The wrist pads on this laptop also comes with a carbon fibre texture which definitely feels and looks way more premium. Also, this carbon fibre texture on the wrist pads is personally one of my favourite parts in this laptop.

Though, this texture does attract smudges and stains but this can be cleaned easily by just wiping a cloth over them.

The Dell Xps 13 2020 comes in black and silver colour which also looks equally premium. Even though the back of the laptop remains silver in both the colour options. 

Personally, I like the silver touch on the back as the finish here is very premium, subtle and feels kind of expensive.

Overall, the Dell Xps 13 2020 is a subtle, neat, clean and super premium designed laptop and also the laptop can be opened with one hand too 😉

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Ports on this Ultrabook

Now, in terms of the connectivity on this laptop you get two USB-C thunderbolt 3 ports one on each side coupled with a 3.5mm headphone jack and micro sd card reader.

Dell Xps 13 2020 Review
Dell Xps 13 2020 ports

Each type C port on this laptop also supports power delivery and that just makes it a way too convenient.

Of Course, We will get into the battery and charging section of this laptop later in this Dell Xps 13 2020 Review. But, for now just make sure you know that these two ports are very handy.

Also, the laptop comes with a USB – C to USB – A dongle inside the box which is kind of handy. But, I would have preferred getting the dock itself rather than selling it off separately as an accessory.

This also feels like a apple kind of move. But, anyway the Dell Xps 13 2020 is probably the most premium laptop out there and easily one that i will prefer the most.

The design, the feel, everything about this laptop just feels okay.

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Display on Dell Xps 13 2020

The display on this xps 13 laptop comes in two variants and the company offers a 4k panel as well which also supports touch. 

But, i kind of feel that the 4k panel on this laptop is kind of pointless. For what it’s worth I feel the Full HD panel on this laptop is pretty good, I mean not just pretty the display is amazing.

Dell Xps 13 2020 Display

The 1080p display has a 100 SRGB and 90 DCI P3 color calibration. This panel can also get crazy bright and so outdoor usage of this laptop will not be an issue at all and what makes everything more sweeter is the 16 to 10 aspect ratio.

I swear this is one of the best aspects out there for any sort of productivity work. As i use my laptop primarily for editing documents and writing articles or sometimes for photoshop.

And for everything productive this aspect ratio just fits perfectly because that extra height you get comes in super handy but this also means you will be having that black bar while watching movies or something like that.

But, for me I usually do that on my smartphone or on my tv my laptop is mainly for work but for what it’s worth is this is definitely meant for productivity and that aspect ratio is a true testament to that.

The color calibrations and everything look so good there’s the eyesafe technology that filters out blue light without bringing a yellow string and you can easily run photoshop or lightroom on this for color grading on the go without  any issues.

Keyboard & Touchpad

So, this is kind of a funny story as i used the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with the keyboard case but when I switched to the Dell Xps 13 2020 keyboard. It felt as if you just added a piece of cardboard underneath that keyboard of the tab s7.

The keys on this laptop are really that mushy and there’s very low key travel here. And the first impression i had with this keyboard was this is a very very mediocre keyboard for this laptop.

Dell Xps 13 2020 keyboard and trackpad
Keyboard & Trackpad

But, after using the keyboard for some time this keyboard started to grow on me and now I have reached a point where I feel this is literally the best keyboard out there

The soft keys are meant for rapid typing and I was even able to reach 92 words per minute on this keyboard without any issues.

The keyboard is also fully stretched out so there are times when you feel cramped in especially if you have big hands like me.

But, trust me you can adapt to this super fast and you would love it too. There’s also the power button here that doubles up as a fingerprint scanner and it works exceptionally well.

Now along with the keyboard we have a trackpad which is as good as it gets on a windows machine. I mean it’s comparable to a surface laptop out there.

That’s pretty much for the trackpad on this Dell Xps 13 2020. But, this trackpad is still behind what apple offers on their macbook lineup.

However, this is one of the best trackpad you can get on a windows laptop and the size of this trackpad is also adequate keeping the compact size of the laptop.

Every window’s gestures work fine on this trackpad and the glass surface on the top of this is super smooth and there are no complaints in terms of touchpad here.

The palm rejection works well and it’s been a great experience overall. Of course, the gestures in itself aren’t that intuitive but that’s windows fault not the touchpad.

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Every ultrabook at this price offers downward firing speakers and while the Dell Xps 13 2020 technically does the same thing but these speakers are kind of sideways.

Dell Xps 13 2020 Review

So, the sound is always bouncing off the surface. The audio on this is tuned by waves maxxaudio pro. While, i really don’t care for all these branding features like we know brands do partner with other brands.

But, I will give them credit where it’s due their software is exceptionally good.

Performance on Dell Xps 13 2020 :- 

So, our unit of Dell Xps 13 2020 comes with an intel core i5 1035 g1 processor coupled with 8gb of ram clocked at 3733 megahertz. It’s a 5.2 gb nvme ssd from hynix and that’s about it.

Two on this laptop that really strikes me are one that ssd and the other thing is that Ram.

See, a lot of brands usually go with claiming that we offer an NVME SSD in our laptops. But, they usually go with the intel 660p and that’s fine.

Dell Xps 13 2020 Performance

Except that the hynix one here is better and more reliable. Of course, coupled with that processor you won’t really get to notice the speed difference in day-to-day usage or even performance tasks.

But, it’s always better to have a faster and more reliable SSD. The second thing that would affect a lot of users is that 8gb of ram. 

See, while the high clock speed definitely comes in very handy that 8gb of ram can be a limiting factor and i have said it before on a lot of laptop reviews out there.

For my personal productivity usage 8gb of ram is fine i mean that’s primarily because i have switched to microsoft edge which does not use that much of ram so even if  i am running a little bit of photoshop of sides with spotify running and microsoft word open i don’t face a lot of issues.

However, if you are a chrome user or rely a lot on your lightroom or photoshop usage you should definitely get a 16gb variant because 8gb of ram will fill up just like that and that will hamper your performance.

This is a thin and lightweight laptop but, you definitely need that extra bit of ram over there because you really cannot upgrade it later on.

The ram on this is sorted on and well it’s something that you can get from dale while purchasing this laptop and that’s it which also means that it runs on dual channel but, it also becomes a good segue to talk about the upgrability of this laptop.

Getting inside of this laptop isn’t particularly hard but, I doubt you’d need the only thing replaceable her is the m2 SSD and that about it.

That’s said one thing i’ll like to point out here is the dual fan setup, not that this laptop carries a lot of horsepower. But, the slim form factor means it can get hot technically focus on the word technically.

Because, in reality laptops do not get that hot i mean i was averaging around 55 degrees and that too after a lot of usage like normal usage web browsing and spotify and word processing and all.

However, if i was trying to play valorum on the side with or maybe just switching to photoshop i was able to read 67 degrees which is still pretty good for a machine this slim.

Now, you must be having a question: well a lot of XPS 13 laptops did suffer from coil vine issues and I’m happy to say that our unit of Dell XPS 13 2020 does not suffer from that like your mileage may vary, maybe your product comes with that.

But, at least out review unit does not have any coil vine issues

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Battery Life:- 

The battery life on this Dell XPS 13 2020 laptop is as i said we have the full hd panel variant with us you know the more practical one and also dell claims that it can last up to 18 hours and well that’s a very big claim.

It’s not far away from our numbers i mean i was averaging about 10 hours of battery backup on heavy usage with this laptop.

Dell Xps 13 2020 Review

So,applying  power saving modes and everything  i could stretch it to 14 may be 14 and a half hours and that’s pretty good from a 50 watt hour battery.

This laptop is really good and once again i5 is a more power efficient chipset as compared to the i7 processor as well the other thing that really helps which is my favorite part here is the USB-C charging.

The bundled charging itself is quite compact but i will be very honest with you i barely ever used it i mean i have a amx charger at home and i use it constantly with the Dell Xps and i use it to charge my smartphones and pretty much everything ou there at work or wherever i .m travelling.


That was all for the Dell Xps 13 in this Dell Xps 13 2020 Review. Of course, you are paying a very premium price. The XPS 13 does not come cheap.

 But, after using this laptop trust me once you start using it you start to realize that the price factor is definitely worth it. It’s a very functional and very practical laptop. 

Dell Xps 13 2020 Review

 Now, coming back to the main question as to which variant you should be going for. Well to be very honest considering the design of this thing going from an i5 to an i7 will be a pointless upgrade.

The i5 should suffice all your tasks without any issues it should also offer better backup and while we are on that the full hd panel is something that i would recommend.

I seriously failed to see a point of bundling 4k panels on a 13 inch or even a 15inch laptop it just doesn’t make any sense to me i mean sound off below.

Basically, it is up to you on getting the 4k panel but, personally i don’t see a logic of getting a 4k panel on this small sized panel.

So, i recommend getting a Full hd panel as it will also offer you better battery backup the only upgrades as compared to the model that we have here is you’re getting one just get the 16gb of ram.

This was all for the Dell Xps 13 2020 Review. Hope to see you in next laptop review 🙂